Using Freedom for Unlimited In App Purchases (Android Hack)

Thank you Freeom developers for using my video on your site!!

**To use Freedom: You must be rooted!!! **


Alright so here is a quick and simple tutorial on how to get freedom working. For those of you who don’t know what freedom is, it’s pretty much what saves you money on in App Purchases using a Free Card.

Download Link:

1. Download Freedom.apk
2. After downloading and installing it, switch your Automatic Time Zone OFF and then replace it with Moscow. (It won’t work otherwise)
3. Open the Freedom app and start it.
4. Launch the apps through Freedom for in app purchases.
OR You can just launch the apps through your launcher. It works both ways.

It takes a while to load sometimes though.

If you are experiencing problems with Freedom, like say, your Google Play won’t connect, then watch my video here showing how to troubleshoot Freedom:

Troubleshooting Freedom:

For everyone who wants to know what game WORKS and DOESN’T WORK with Freedom, watch this Video:

List of Games That Work/Don’tWork with Freedom:

**Please REMOVE freedom after using it! To remove it, hit menu an then tap Stop. If you do not do this, then you will experience errors with Google Play!**

List of tutorials for Freedom:

Angry Birds:

Angry Birds (Star Wars):

Autumn Walk:

Bad Piggies:

Battle Bears:

Beach Buggy Blitz:

Cordy (Levels):

Cordy (Coins):

Fun Run:

Jetpack Joyride:

Pixel Twist:

SAS3: Zombies:

Stupid Zombies:

Zombie Frontier:

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2 thoughts on “Using Freedom for Unlimited In App Purchases (Android Hack)

  1. ahmed says:

    How can i fix this problem (you need root access in order to use freedom) please please please tell me .

  2. shafwan7 says:

    haiiiiii . i want to ask something …
    i have android ICS 4.0.4 tablet .
    but the problem is whenever i purchase any game coins , the coins not increase.
    any help ?? and when i try purchase remove ads also it not work . the payment complete succesfully when the item wont get .

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